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Exercise 3 Working with Images

Some Pictures.

This is Mich picture of my cat she is 8 years old she has been with the family since very long time that is like my daughter. I care a lot about her.

This is a picture of my chicken Querubina from she was little. chicken She is almost 1 year old and she is starting to become a mom. She just began to warm eggs a few days ago. This is one of her eggs. egg

This is a picture of my chicken named Hope. chicken She is 2 years old already since 1 month ago.

This is a hurted rabbit that I found close to my house a few months ago, rabbit so I took and care of him until he was healed.

These little chick here are Querubina, Cachetitos, Chiqui and Molly. chickens They enjoyed a lot the big greenish garden that we have in our house.

This picture is from where the zoo was taken at school. zoo animals there was a big diversity of animals such as goats, pinks, ducks etc. zoo animals I really enjoyed see and have the opportunity to touch them that day.