My Bookcase

A little Intro

My wife and I love books, and we have tried to pass that on to our 2 children. We have bookcases all over our home.
We even catalogue our books using an online app, and we have over 1,500 books.
We have many communal bookcases throughout the house.

However, we each also have our own personal bookcase.

This is about my bookcase.

Starting at the Top

For us, bookcases are so prevalent, that they also are used for display purposes.
For my bookcase, that starts on the top.
I love Legos, and Star Wars. So it is only natural that I love Lego Star Wars.
The top of my bookcase is dominated by Lego Star Wars sets.
I have a large Y-wing, Slave-1, and Sand Speeder.
I also have my delegate badge from the last IATSE Quadrennial Convention that I attended.

Top Shelf


My top shelf is dedicated primarily to religion. I was raised in a Christian family, but I identify primarily as a Buddhist.
I have several books written by my favorite author, and personal guru, Thich Nhat Hanh.

I have several books written by the Dalai Lama.

I have 2 copies of the Holy Bible
I have several books about personal peace and happiness, including

I also have several books on Aikido
I went through an Aikido / Martial Arts phase when I was in my 20s,
but I still appreciate the stretching and meditative aspects of Aikido.


I also have several display pieces on my top shelf.
I have a hand-painted statue of the buddha, that I painted with my daughter, at a ceramics painting event.
I also have my Rebellion / Resistance Lego Microfighters.

2nd Shelf