My Journey Learning Guitar

When I was younger and lived in New Jersey my parents bought me a guitar and got me lessons to play. When I first started learning I thought was very difficult and I quit very quickly because I found that I Did not have a natural talent for it. I was more interested in sports at the time, so I put the guitar away.

Now years later after Covid hit and I’m out of high school not playing sports anymore. I finally decided to pick up the guitar once again now that I’m older and we have YouTube and I don’t have to go to lessons I have a new found love for the instrument. Although the Guitar that I have is an acoustic guitar and the music that I enjoy is heavy rock. So learning songs that I actually enjoyed was difficult.

So when Christmas came around I decided to get an electric guitar with an amp now that I I am able to play songs that I enjoy more I feel I am learning at a faster pace I’m playing songs that not a lot of people would know but me and my family thoroughly enjoy. Now I am able to jam along to some of my most favorite songs and my siblings are starting to learn instruments to. My younger sister is learning the drums and the youngest sister is learning the bass guitar.