Project 2: Responsive Design & Business Web Site Research

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The business I chose to create a webpage for is a spa called NJR Skin + Bar. I didn’t chose an existing spa, instead I decided to make up my own. I am really excited to make a webpage for it! Being that it is a made up business I will really be able to get creative. I will also be challenged to come up with content that is relevant to the business.

I have been thinking about going into the beauty industry for a while now, so I have been doing a lot of research into various spas in the area. When I read the guidelines for this project I was immediately inspired by my newfound passion project. I am thinking about going to aesthetician school at night and offering spa services as a second business outside of my current 9-5.

I think that doing a web about a spa will be a really fun! A lot of the spas that I have researched have multiple menus with their services, products for sale on their webpage, blog post or links to external sights, links to their social media accounts, portals to make appointments, and contact info. I will have a lot to experiment with!

NJR Skin + Bar:

NJR Skin + Bar is a classy upscale day spa that focuses on corrective skincare in both men and women. We provide our clients with a fun, social, sophisticated atmosphere where they can enjoy a cocktail with friends and relax prior to their treatments.

We also offer private event rooms designed for large groups that serve as the ideal setting for your next social gathering, bachelor party, or bridal shower. Enjoy a combination of spa services, quality time with your friends, family or colleagues, and optional food and beverages.