me in a art show

Hi, I'm Ernesto Roman

Who I Am

I’m an aspiring fashion designer currently building my startup E-commerce clothing brand. I Studied in South Western College, Anthropology and in Fashion Career College, Fashion Design. In the last decade I concentrated, adding as much fashion and people’s skills. But now I lack a load bunch of technical skills. In the next five years I will work on earning a bachelor’s in Graphic Design with Web Design emphasis. I have proposed myself to add this skill so I can call myself “Fashion Teck Designer.” I’m currently building a startup clothing brand called “Zermnem” and I have learned that this mentioned skill is highly needed in this day in age. I hope this class takes me to that beginning understanding and adds motivation so I can reach all of my proposed goals. So far, this class is a 100% positive addon motivator towards this long journey. So then upon graduation I can see myself managing my company and creative team in the most up skilled manner, just like Google but in the Fashion World.

"Reaching dreams happened with hard work, dedication and the continuing of intaking knowledeg" Z.Roman

My Hobbies

These are some of my hobbies:

Professional Goals

These are my professional goals:

  1. Fashion Designer/Developing online brand
  2. Graphic Designer/Beginner
  3. Web Designer/Beginner

Personal Goals

These are my personal goals: