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Hi, I'm Kathryn Orcino. Thanks for Visiting My Web Page!

Who I Am

I am an ambitious, hard-working student who enjoys learning new tasks and applying the knowledge that I acquire.

"Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings."- Samuel Johnson, English author

My Favorite Recreational Pastimes

I have several fun hobbies that I indulge in when I am not working at my job or doing college coursework.These are hobbies that I have maintained over the last three to five years. In fact, I enjoy doing these hobbies so much that I will probably do at least one or two of them in the years to come, regardless of how busy my life becomes. Generally speaking, I particularly love hobbies that involve creating something, learning something new, enjoying the outside air and nature, or story-telling.

  • I enjoy reading history books and classic literature.
  • Creative writing is also one of my favorite hobbies.
  • Sometimes, I prefer to watch historical documentaries on YouTube.
  • Every once in a while, I enjoy discovering new, healthy recipes on Pinterest.
  • In addition, I enjoy taking vigorous, long walks outside whenever the weather is cool and fairly mild.

Professional Goals

I have several professional goals that I would eventually like to achieve over the course of my lifetime. With regard to my professional goals, I would like to use my writing and technology skills in order to obtain the type of jobs that I want. I am particularly interested in content writing, technical writing, web design, and programming. I know that if I study these subjects dilligently enough, I can eventually master them well enough to be able to obtain job positions in these fields.

  1. I have a goal of becoming a content strategist or content writer for a local company within twenty-five miles from where I currently live.
  2. I would like to become a web designer after I take a few more classes on subjects such JavaScript and Java.
  3. Someday I would also like to try my hand at being a technical writer for a large company, especially a company in the information technology field.
  4. In addition, I am also interested in becoming a computer programmer and potentially being able to work from the comfort of my own home.
  5. Eventually, I would like to become either a public school English teacher or computer teacher after I leave the information technology field.

Personal Goals

I have at least a few personal goals that I would eventually like to achieve over the course of my lifetime. I have not listed all of my personal goals here, but I have at least listed a few of the goals that I would like to have already achieved within the next fifteen years. Although I certainly have my own plans and goals in my head about what I would like achieve, sometimes it is imposiible to tell how a person's life will ultimately turn out.

  1. Within the next year, I would like to have read Alexandre Dumas's "The Count of Monte Cristo" completely.
  2. I would like to get married and have children.
  3. I want to self-publish at least one work of fiction and sell it on Amazon.com or my own website.
  4. I would like to get a passpoort and travel to at least a few countries as a tourist.
  5. In the future, I would like to be able to understand and speak French, German, and Russian at an intermediate level or at an even higher level. This endeavor is going to require many years of study.

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