Serena Murray

Serena Murray

Who I Am

I've just completed my certificate and license for massage therapy and now continuing my education with associates on Graphic Design. I had a long pause from college so I eased into a job field that I can enjoy while preparing myself for college level challenges. I'm now on track for my career and life milestones and successes.

"Its not to late"

My Hobbies

Since I was young, I have been an avid collector of many items that sparked my interest.

Professional Goals

My goals will be achieved with time management, hard work, and motivation. These are my professional goals:

  1. Experienced High End Massage Therapist
  2. Associate Degree in Graphic Design
  3. Bachelor Degree in Interaction Design

Personal Goals

I've always wanted to travel the world and experience other cultures. My goal is learning the language of some of the places I'll go some day. There are my personal goals:

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