Arianna Feliz

Hi, I'm Arianna Feliz


I was born in Bakersfield, CA but moved to Odessa, TX when I was three. I lived there till I was 17 then moved to Carlsbad, CA. I lived in Carlsbad for two years then moved to Fort Worth, TX. I have been doing photography for about three years and enjoy doing portraits, sports, and rodeo photoshoots. When I have free time I am either working out or traveling to find new places to explore.Volunteering is a great experience and I love learning from it. I have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, Highway trash pickup, Meals on Wheels, and a beach cleanup. I plan to volunteer at different places and continue at some places, so I can experience the different communities and grow from the experiences.

"Be proud of who you are for how hard you're trying" -Unknown


These are some of my hobbies:

Professional Goals

These are my professional goals:

  1. Get the highest grades and GPA I can achieve
  2. Volunteer more to improve my resume
  3. Get my degree

Personal Goals

These are my personal goals: