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Elena Cohen

Blonde hair resting her elbow across the bench

Who I Am?

Who is Elena Cohen? Well, that’s a wonderful question and it could mean a lot of things; even Elena doesn’t know how to answer that question or she does but she doesn’t know yet. She knows that she does enjoy making sure every living thing around her is happy and safe. While, she tries to make herself to be happy, safe and learn about herself. She’s at the point of her life where she’s questioning her life, her career, what makes her, her and how she could help everyone else around her. She also know that her mind is racing every moment with tons of ideas, dreams, thoughts and different versions of all of that. She finds inspiration anywhere and everywhere she goes or does. She’s one of the few people that could find inspiration from tv to other people to different places to her dreams. Her dreams are something that makes me wonder what would happen to everyone she knows and sees in their lives. But, that the problem, she could see that for everyone but not herself. With that being said, she started to try to figure out who she was and do a lot of research to help her. Hopefully, she will learn more about herself, figure out what she wants to do and she hopes that she could help herself and the planet.

Some of my personality traits