This is my first web page.

My name is Lydia.

I am 25 years old.

I am learning HTML.
This header is an H5 tag.

My cat's name is Toby.

This is a paragraph. A lot of content can go inside of this tag at once. I'm not very creative when it comes to written word and I'm trying not to copy the professor when writing this paragraph, haha.

This paragraph is in the center of the page. I don't know what to write here to make it long enough to constitute as a "paragraph". Hopefully 3 sentences will suffice!


I am the oldest child in my family. My siblings, Lindsey and Gavin, are aged 23 and 20. We grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have many great memories of growing up.

San Diego!

I moved to San Diego at the age of 21. I did this to start my life on my own, but also to be closer to my boyfriend who is a native. I really have enjoyed living here the past few years. I look forward to what life brings next.

My Cat Toby!

My boyfriend and I adopted our cat, Toby, a little over 1 year ago.

Toby is what they call a "Tuxedo" cat. He is 2 years old and super playful, almost like a dog. Toby is very loving but hates being held. His favorite food, by far, is tuna!