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On this website you will be able to speak with other women or men all around the United States.

The NICU Support Group

This is a place where you can talk and listen to other parents going through the same things you are. Whether it be that your child was born at 20-26 weeks or the fact that you have no idea when youíll be able to bring your baby home. There are many factors of the NICU life, you should never feel that you are alone! Many other parents are feeling the same way you might be! Donít be afraid to speak to another parent, about asking for advice, needing some comfort, or just needing to talk. Another parent should always be available! On this website there are many different options to help you through this process. Be sure to check out all this website has to offer! To find classes to help your baby learn! If you need a psychiatrist, we have had parents recommend awesome places for your child to go to! There are many things that could help your family grow! Be sure to share to other NICU families you know!

Facebook: AlleysNICUSupportGroup

Twitter: @NICUSupportGroup

Instagram: @NICUSupportGroup

In the making of this assignment, the social media sites are invaild and these social media sites are fake. Even though there are many support groups all around Social Media.