A guide to visiting Brazil made by a Brazilian native ;)

10 things to do:

10 things NOT to do:

  1. Never ride the bus when one of the local soccer teams are playing at home;
  2. Never not hug or kiss on the cheek a brazilian person. We are warm and fuzzy. We like physical contact. We will hug and kiss you;
  3. Never stop eating too quickly in front of a brazilian. We want you to eat. We want you to gain weigh while visiting our country;
  4. Never call french bread "cacetinho" if you visit another city other than Porto Alegre. This is a southern term we love to use, but other cities find this word very funny and indecent. They will laugh at you. It will get awkward. Feelings will get hurt;
  5. Never start a conversation about soccer with a brazilian. You won't get out of this conversation that easily. Feelings will also get hurt here;
  6. Don't ever suppose that a person knows how to dance well because they are from Brazil. Also, don't suppose that we love samba. Most of us don't know how to dance. We are awkward;
  7. Don't ever ask for your steak medium well or well done. People will stare. And it's also not worth it. Your steak will come to your table very bloody anyway.
  8. Don't be on time for a party or an appointment. Brazilians have their own brazilian time for everything. If something is supposed to start at 8pm, be sure that people will start showing up at 9pm.
  9. Don't leave without learning some southern slangs. You have to call someone "tche" at least one time before you go. You will make the natives very happy if you do :);
  10. Don't ever, under any circumstance do the following:

Common terms in the "southern brazilian" language

Someone from the south of Brazil, normally someone that was born and raised in the south.

This word corresponds to word "dude" used in the english language. Something like that. This word expresses a lot of mixed emotions.

"Galo veio"
Someone old enough to know better. Someone wise.

"Frio de renguear cusco"
When it's too cold to exist. Yes, the south of Brazil can get really cold.

"Me caiu os butia do bolso"
When you get caught totally unprepared. When something sudden happens and you get that expression of "?" on your face. This term also has a lot of meanings.