Steps To Ensure Adequate Sunblock Application

With summer approaching fast, if you are out and about make sure you follow these 5 simple steps to make sure you dont find yourself missing out on the fun!

Types of Protective Clothing

The best way to protect yourself from getting too much sun this summer is to wear the most protective, and still comfortable, clothing possible. Here are some items I can't leave home without in the summer, especially when im headed to the beach.

  1. Hats
    1. Baseball Caps (men)
    2. Large Fancy Opening Day Hats (ladies)
    3. Visors FOR THOSE WITH HAIR!!
  1. Long Sleeve Shirts
    1. Light weight and wont be super hot
    2. Maximum upper body sun protection after a long day of exposure.
  1. Light weight loose fitting cotton pants.
  1. Closed-toe Shoes or Socks

Important Terms for Skin Safety

Actinic Keratosis:
The most common skin condition caused by sun damage. It is the result of skin being damaged by the sun over many years.

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA):
The bodys genetic material.Damage by the sun is what ultimately can lead to cancer.
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