Craft Beer Brewing

Craft beer brewing can be a fun and interesting hobby. During the fermentation process the brewer may use many unusual materials such as moss, juniper, and spruce tips. These materials will impart different textures or flavors after about one week. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO ADD TOO MUCH AND RUIN THE TASTE OF YOUR BEER. You will need to experiment and use creative problem solving to make a great recipe. Make sure that you record your experiences as you do this to help you in future projects. It can take several weeks before you make a new batch and by that time you may have forgotten what ingredients you used or how long you left your extras in before removing them.

The Importance of a Clean Environment

You must make sure that all of the surfaces and tools that will come in contact with your beer, including yourself, are sanitized. Non-rinse cleaning solutions can be purchased for this job. All you have to do is wash your hands thoroughly and then mix the measured powder packet into a water for your sanitizer to activate. When you are finished, simply remove your tools and empty out your sanitizing solution. This important step will keep unwated bacteria from being introduced into an otherwise controlled environment.

If the temperature is not controlled a layer may form over the top of your beer insulating the liquid from the oxygen. This will kill your yeast and sour your beer.

Good luck and have fun!






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