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life is good!

Milo at 2 months Milo 4 years old

Milo is an energetic dog who loves to play chase me, hide and seek, catch lizards, go for walks and do tricks for treats. My wife Heather and I got him when he was four months old. We took a trip to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe just to look, and we couldn't resist. He is a black lab/ Border Collie mix, and super smart dog. He barks every time the door bell rings and doesn't like hats on people.

Every Year we get him a birthday cake from Muttropolis in Solana Beach. He has a very sophisticated palate. When we first got him we would feed him, but he would not eat. I would buy dog food and he wouldn't touch it. I returned the food, and then got different food and he woudn't touch it either, even challenging us for a few days to not eat. We found this raw food, and he inhaled it and so that was that. His food costs us a lot.

Milo at 2 months Milo at 2 months

We have taken Milo with us on road trips to places like Sedona, but He has a lot of anxiety with being in the car. Usally we leave him at the Inlaws if we go somewhere because he doesn't like being in the car for the most part. It's funny when we see a dog stick their head out the window because Milo would not dare. Any time he goes for a ride he lays with his head down, and hangs on for dear life.