Hello and Welcome to my very first Webpage!

I have been struggling to get this far, however, its been worth the time! I am liking this exercise a lot!

I have learn a few interesting things, for example, I learned that I can modify the aligment of the parragraph and any other text to be centered, right, or in this case to the right.

At this point I feel confident that I can make this second parragraph to appear centered on the page. I have also learned to change the size of the text. As you can tell by this example, I have used a few of the tags that I have learned so far.

Furthermore, I have learned how to group elemets on my pages. As you can see by the following group of parragraphs, I have aligned them to the right and adjusted them all to have the same size font.

This is the second parragraph that will have the same formatting as the one above.

This is parragraph number 3.

How to use the strong and element tags.

This is an example of a parragraph using the Strong tags.

This is an example of a parragraph using the element tag.