Dear Evan Hansen: You will be found!

Even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you, when you're broken on the ground, you will be found.

So let the sun come streming, cause you'll reach up and you'll rise again, lift your head and look around, you will be found.

Out of the shadows the morning is bracking and all is new, all is new.

It's filling up the empty, and suddenly I see that all is new, all is new.
You are not alone, You are not alone, You are not alone, You are not alone!


I like learning about code because I have seen so much of it in my life, it's nice to have a basic understanding of what it all means. My brother and my father would have long complex conversations about html and css while my sister-in-law and I just look at eachother like they are speaking jibberish. Now I feel like I am in the loop and my poor sister-in-law is out in the cold all by herself.

Adding Attributes

I feel like I'm really getting the hang of this.

I felt really overwhelmed when I started this class but after doing this first exercise I feel like I have a better handle on this.
It really is like learning a completely different language and the learning curve is steep to begin with.

Group Elements

I have been obsessed lately with the original Broadway cast album for 'Dear Evan Hansen'. I used the lyrics of "You Will Be Found" in the header at the top of this page. I love this musical so much. It is so beautiful and moving. I love to listen to "You Will Be Found" or "Words Fail" while I am working on homework

I've also been loving the original Broadway cast album for frozen. I loved the original music in the movie. Knowing that the original writers and composers came back for the musical and added more original music just makes me so happy.

I just fell in love with the new music for frozen. There is a beautiful song called "Queen Anointed" that is very beautiful. It plays when they are anointing Elsa as queen.

In Style Elements

I want to EMPHASIS how much I love frozen the musical!

It's so cute and sweet!

It gives me all the feels when I listen to it.

Empty Elements

I couldnt figure out why the edges of the lines were curving when I added color because I was looking at all of the examples in chrome and they were perfect boxes, but when I switched over to firefox the same boxes were now rounded. It's weird how the same code can be seen diffrently on a diffrent browser.

Well this is the end of my first web page.
I think I did alright.
I hope you liked it!