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How I got bitten by the travel bug

My love of travels started with reading Tintin Books when I was a kid. The series focuses on the adventures of this young Belgian journalist who would find himself immersed in different countries and cultures while he was trying to solve a mystery of some kind. I always thought that the character really got to live multiple lives by traveling through different countries and experiencing differnt cultures. As I got older I had the opportunity to temporarily live in Quito, Ecuador for three months while I studied spanish abroad. After this experience I was hooked! I worked for two years and saved up to go live and work in Sydney, Australia for a year!

A quote from Anthony Bourdain...

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A quote from Anthony Bourdain

"If youíre in Singapore and there are two chicken and rice places, and thereís one with a huge line, go to the one with the huge line. Already, thatís a clue. If a place is crowded, but the people lining up are not local, thatís a clue ó a bad clue. If it doesnít have signs in English. itís almost always worth investigating. I look to see if locals are willing to inconvenience themselves and wait in line for a long time to get something that only costs a dollar fifty, especially if itís a mixed bag of different incomes. One of the things thatís interesting about Singapore is that youíll see people roll up in a Mercedes and stand on line behind someone who lives in a housing project. Theyíre both gonna wait the 25 minutes for the same nasi lemak."

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