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About Me

Hello My Name is Vu Nguyen and this is my first semester at MiraCosta. My goal is to earn a Associates Degree in Web Development and Design so I figured taking this course in the summer would give me a great head start! I have my bachelors degree in International Relations so I would say that this is a big career pivot for me. In the past I have worked in both large and small scale tech companies on the account management side. I would like to learn web development starting with the basics. I took a week long coding boot camp back in February that exposed me to HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I would like to learn how to create visually appealing and user friendly websites. I know that coding can be tough and frustrating, but I am glad that I am taking this course to build a solid foundation for myself. My favorite websites are Reddit, Screen Rant, and Google Flights!

In my free time I enjoy excercising, hiking, and surfing.

I like to do circuit training. I enjoy cardio and strength based workouts that change everyday so I do not get bored of the workouts. In regards to surfing, I enjoy riding a longboard. In the past I rode a short board but I have recently purchased an inexpensive foam longboard and I have been getting a lot of joy out of riding it. I also like to go on hikes whenever I have the time. I find it very calming and enjoyable to be outside, breathe in fresh air and really take the time to observe all the things around you.

I have two sisters and I am the middle child in my family

I grew up with two sisters. One is six years older then me, and the other is nine years younger. We all had the normal sibling rivalry, but we all get a long now. It's funny how becoming adults does that to you.