The WIJ Corporation

The WIJ Corporation is an interstellar alliance of species who provide defensive, scientific and economic support for each other. Initially a private security company after WIJ achieved space travel roughly 200 years ago, the organization has been frequently found solving interspecies conflicts and other lasting issues in the galaxy quadrant, resulting in a vast alliance years later.

WIJ (pronounced 'why' or 'why-eee') is the dutch word for we/together. The founders of the corporation saw fit to include all of civilized peoples under one all-encompassing name.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe, Stay United

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The WIJian military is the most prestigious and advanced military in the entire quadrant. Through mass colonization of the ruined planets and the fearless leadership of our most decorated military officers, WIJ has achieved complete secure influence over a distance of 2.6 million light years.


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