My One and Only


This is my son, Benjamin Mendez. He is currently 14 years young and has already began planning his future as part of law enforcement. He will be joining an Explorer program through the Carlsbad Police Department and is working on many leadership skills as a Boy Scout. He just started high school this month and is loving the new enviroment, as opposed to middle school. His attitude towards school has completely shifted and I feel that he is a bit more mature this year. I have high hopes for my son in that he will continue to strive for greatness and reach for his goals. I am one proud mom!

Boy Scout Ben

Boy Scout

Here is a picture of Benjamin the morning of his departure for Summer Camp at Sequoia National Park. He was going to be gone for an entire week, the same week of this 14th birthday and I didn't know how to handle it. I was so use to him being gone for only the weekend but not a week. I couldn't wait for his return and at the same time I was happy that he gets to experience all these trips with his peers.

Scout Friends

In elementary school, Benjamin began as a Bear in Cub Scouts and then merged over to Boy Scout shortly after. He has loved being part of Boy Scouts since day one and has never wanted to miss one meeting! The best part of it all is that Benjamin decided he wanted to join the Scouts. We never wanted to force sports or extra images/camping.jpgcurricular activities because we didn't ever want him to feel forced. This, along with the Police Explorer Program, was his sole decision which is what makes me so proud. Benjamin did his own research and knows exactly what he likes.

Benjamin is currently at First Class rank and is Assistant Patrol Leader.

Court of Honor

Boy Scout Ranks