My To Do Lists


Home Depot List:

  1. 10'-2x4s (24)
  2. Circular saw
  3. Hammer
  4. Box of nails
  5. Garden:
    1. Medium pots
    2. Soil
    3. Gravel
  6. Tool box

Types of Chocolate

White Chocolate
Chocolate made with cocoa butter, sugar, and milk. It has no cocoa solids and is therefore white.
Milk Chocolate
A sweet chocolate with 10-20% cocoa solids and 12% milk solids.
Dark Chocolate
Sweetened chocolate with a high content of cocoa solids and little milk.
Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Classic dark baking chocolate with 40-62% cocoa solids.
Bittersweet Chocolate
Good bittersweet chocolate contains 60-85% cocoa solids. Has a rich, intense, bitter chocolate flavor.
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