hello eveyone welcome to my WEBPAGE !

i am learing how to use these tags

i love music all kinds of it

EDM is one of my favorite type of music


although EDM is my favorite type of music my favorite artist is ASAP Rocky. i have been listing to him since i was in middle school. i have always looked up to him beacuse he is not only a rapper but his fashion is amazing.when i got my firts job i saved up all my money so i could buy the same Raf Simmmons shoes he had.

i love pancakes

but dont we all

i can eat pancakes all day i love then so much. Yes i can eat like a pig when it comes to pancakes i can eat about 6 or 7 it depends on how im felling. Am i the olny one ?? We all have a favorite food that we eat like there is no tomorrow.

what is your favite food??

is it home made?

favorite restaurant?

ice cream

you know you love ice cream 2 dont ike to your self!