Hi. This is my first web page.

I know it's not much.

But it's still pretty special! Take a look.

An Introduction

First, it would be good to get to know me a little bit.

My name is Marisa Kuberra, and I am 19 years old.

This is my first time ever making a web page, and so I named it "My First Web Page".

There isn't a lot here, but that's because it's my first.

A Little More Introduction

I usually attend school at the University of California, Berkeley. We call it "Cal" for short. It is a very big school with a lot of different kinds of people. At Cal, I play on the women's lacrosse team, meaning I get a little scholarship to run around on a field for 20 hours a week.

My team is in a conference called the Pac-12 with a bunch of other big, fancy, football schools like Stanford, USC, Oregon, and Boulder. It is a lot of work playing a sport at a school like Cal because the sports are hard, but the classes are even harder . Most days I practice from 7am-11am and then go to class from 11am-4pm. I have a very busy life.

Side Note: I don't really like how when I added the line breaks to a paragraph, it appears as though it is double or triple spaced. I also don't like how the title appears to be double spaced from the paragraph following it. How can I fix that?