Adding Some Images

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Blue flowers Pink flowers

When I started this Exercise 3, I was worried. I was not sure if I can find the right size pictures for free. I have no experience on Photoshop, so I gave up to take my own pictures for this homework. What should I do?
What if I get only very, very big size pictures? Will it take 1 minute to open my page?
What if I can find only very, very small size pictures? Will my page look ugly when I stretch those images?
What if I can't find the right picture for tiling? Will my page look the same as a plain background color yellow or blue?

I spent more than 1 hour on websites, and look! I found some pictures. I think these flower pictures are good enough for this homework. I didn't know how big they are, but I downloaded them anyway. I put them in my "original images" folder. When I hover the mouse on the picture file, I can check its dimensions (220 x 250) and size (15.1kB). I think I'm learning something here.