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Designing Perspectives

Help for you to design your space

Exploring Design ideas and alternatives is essential to creating a space that works for you functionally, and aesthetically in time.

Get Perspective

The internet is loaded with beautiful photos of projects and is a great place to start.

Homes, Offices, Garages

No space is too small to be detailed

Many of us can get overwhelmed and lost in the vast display of amazing ideas. To start your project we recommend following a process.

1. File your favorite photos quickly without analyzing why you like it or if it fits with your project or budget.

2. Make a chart with headings such as below, to divide the photo's by groups of why you like them.

3. Make a list of feelings, experiences, and activities you envision occuring in this space.

Brainstorming Session




feng shui--another approach

There are several noted styles of feng shui, from east to west, theories use aesthetic balance and placement of pieces in tune with our desires to create positive eperiences in our lives. For example, different walls and areas are labeled for personal relationships, "marriage" is one, that emphasizes placing two of the same or similar objects, in the marital area to enhance one's marriage. Three is a crowd rings as an "error" in design with this Western feng shui and other versions are not as mystical into the creation of an occurance, but does believe in the applied principles of design, using balance in aesthetics to create a harmony in the room, promoting peace in ourselves where our positive attitudes and spirits which will not be "bogged down" The selections of materials, colors and Artistic placement of items help with the aesthetic.