Graphic Design

I want to major as a Graphic Designer

I have been attending mira costa for 3 years and throughout those years I was studying to become a pediatrician but ended up finding another call for my life. I decided to leave nursing and study to become a Graphic Designer. Why? you might ask, well this is why...

"Did you know that you have a gift in designing?"

" Do you know that you are very creative? "

Have you ever consider studying for Graphic Design?

ALL these questions made me realize that all along I was hiding my talent. I never really put into thought about Graphic Design but when I was asked these questions I had the inspiration and it was more like a wake up call to really do what I love doing, and that is designing.

Interesting facts about me:

*I run a social media page for a church organization.
*I volunteer at that same church and I am captain of a media team.
*I create loops, lyrics and videos on propresenter
*I love to draw
*I have 2 huskies and 1 German Shephard
*I play the piano

I took Web design because I believe it will inhance my performance as a Graphic Designer and will take me to roads ahead that will help me to succeed in life. So far I am loving Web design. I am learning so much and it is very interesting. It amazes me how much things a computer can do.

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