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Let Me Tell You About Bugs.

Bugs are pretty neat across the board! A lot of folks have an innate fear of them, which is understandable as they have often been indicators of disease, pestilence, and rot. Fleas, ticks, cockroaches; they've long been considered invasive pests to modern man and just plain unsightly. And on a whole other level, they're just completely alien and foreign to us. They don't exhibit any aspects we've come to recognize as familiar or appealing such as features like fur or being quadrupedal; traits that dogs and cats have. Due to this dissonance, I feel it's a mostly natural response for humans to be repelled by the appearance and visuals of insects. Humans are an aggressively social species and perhaps due to the perceived lack of sentience from bugs we find ourselves more distanced and unsettled by the actuality of insects. Think of the bugs that society considers cute or friendly: bugs such as honeybees, caterpillars, and butterflies. Honeybees are soft and fuzzy and produce honey, and are docile in nature. Caterpillars are also fuzzy and mostly harmless, and they turn into butterflies which have often been a symbol for beauty, femininity, and soft summer days--but did you know that butterflies are just as likely to eat rotting meat from corpses as flower nectar?

Buzz! Buzz!

They have a ton of legs and some have their eadrums on their 'legs' or prothoracic tibia; bugs such as katydids sport this trait! Neat!

Bugs are really weird if I'm being honest.

Here's some more fun facts about bugs!

+ Common Houseflies find sugar with their feet, which happen to also be 10 million times more sensitive than a human tongue!

+ Beetles acount for one quarter of all known species of plant and animals; there are more kinds of beetles than plants! Beetles are my favorite.

+ One third of all insect species are carnivorous meat-eaters that prefer to hunt their food rather than eat other dead animals or insects, or dung.

+ 'Daddy Longlegs' spiders are not actually spiders! They are called Harvestmen and their scientific name is Opilliones. The difference between spiders and opilliones is that spiders have two parts to their body (the cephalothorax and abdomen) while harvestmen just have one part to their structure where everything is fused together. In addition to this, spiders have eight eyes while harvestmen have only two, and sometimes no eyes at all!

I hope you enjoy bugs just a little bit more now, knowing all these weird facts! If anything, it's a good conversation starter; or a good way to get someone to leave you alone.

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