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In this exercise 4 we are learning to link pages and websites, etc. These pages will include Internal and External Links, Image Links (click on each island logo), Jump Links within the Document located on the About Page, and External Style Sheets links. Sheet1 is used on the "About Hawaii" page and Sheet2 is used on all of the pages to create the background, links colors, and headline styles.
My subject that I will use to show these links will be some simple information about the Hawaiian Islands. We have explored the four major islands of...Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and The Island of Hawaii. You can hoover over the pictures to see their names as well as click on my links to go to my pages.

What makes The Islands so fun?

a picture of Hawaii

The Beaches are gorgeous and some are much like our coast in So. Cal. Of course all of the islands have lush landscapes, waterfalls, tropical fish and coral which makes them so unique. Simply beautiful! Waterfall Snorkling

The snorkling is amazing, and the waterfalls are breathtaking! Sunset

The Sunsets, can't forget the sunsets!

On my last page I have some links that you can explore to get a better picture about The Island Life.

Check out this link to get Island Information from the Chamber of Commerce site.

Go see Hawaii Chamber of Commerce

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