A Day in the life of... My Docs!

My work shoes are basically my everyday shoes because I work nearly everyday for 8 to 9 hours. They are non-slip shoes because they are for work and this is especially important because I work in a bakery where chocolate, oil, water, fruit, and anything you can imagine will get spilled.

As a regular boot wearer, I find these to be very comfortable. The soles of the shoes make standing and running around all day bearable. My only drawback is that the shoes feel a bit “clunky” at times such as the rare occasions when I’ll have to sit and do paperwork.

They are my tried and true pair and have been with me nearly as long as I have been at my workplace. The sad thing is that they are pretty worn down so I might have to replace these puppies pretty soon. No doubt I’ll wear them until the very end.

Doc Martens 1460 SR New

This is what they looked like straight out of the box. So sleek and cool!

My Worn Docs

And this is what they look like now...Can you tell I've worn them nearly everyday? You can't really see it too well but believe me when I say that the soles are cracked and worn down.

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