My Gardens

I have lots of little gardens in my yards. They are filled with different types of plants. Cactus, succulants, trees, flowers, palms, potted plants, shadehouses, and lots of native weeds that grow every year. Some of the native weeds are very pretty. Some are prickly. Some are itchy (nettles).


We have a lot of agave plants in our yard. They grow and then make more. And More and MORE! I dig them up and put them other places. Put them in pots and give them away. They like our yard a lot and you don't have to do much for them. When they are ready to die they put out a shoot with flowers and seed pods. We had one that was taller than a telephone pole. Yikes!

Day Lilies AKA Japanese Lilies

We mostly have lots of clumps of "Fortnight Lilies" which have white and purple flowers. But we have some of the yellow ones that are called Day lilies. I think it is because the flowers only last one day. The other type... fortnight -- that means two weeks -- so they can bloom every two weeks. Most of the plants we have came from two patches we had at our last house. So when one blooms, they all bloom at the same time. The flowers look like they are floating above a sea of green.

Lipstick Flower

Plant Latin names all make some sort of sense. The Latin name relates to the family they come from. The common name usually references a physical characteristic. In this case, the little flower petals reminded someone of lips brightly painted red. How fun is that?

Night Blooming Cereus

My mom gave me a cutting of this cactus many years ago. It has beautiful flowers that bloom only at night. The opened flower is probably 6-8 inches wide. It has bright burgundy and white colored petals and heavy scent. I assume it is big to attract its pollinators. The colors stand out against the dark green stalks of the cactus. Sometimes there are 20-30 flowers that bud out at one time with 5 to 10 flowers open a night. These blooms only last the one night and fade away the next day.

Roses - How can a garden be complete without at least one?

This is a single petal style rose. Most popular roses have rings of petals to give a fuller appearance. This rose is simple looking. Smells good. Mmmm.

Some Succulants

I call these plants cabbage roses. I know that is not the real name... The interesting thing about this particular plant is that for some reason it has mostly varigated green and off white colored "flowers". But randomly it puts out flowers that are mainly yellowish/off white with a little bit of green in them. I don't know what makes them do that but it sure makes them look interesting.

Agave Round

I happened to see a tiny one of these plants at a nursery sale. It actually was not for sale itself but I asked if I could buy it anyway. The plant guy thought about it and finally said ok. At the time it was considered a fairly rare plant. It stays compact and round in shape. The leaves are almost round. So it started out as one tiny maybe 2" plant. It has now spread over about a 5 x 5 foot area with big ones and baby ones growing off runners underground. The color is blue grey. So beautiful!

Paper Flowers

When in doubt, or in need of a flower, make a paper one! I made a bunch of these for my office. You can use all different colors of thin paper (tissue paper) to make them. I used the orange and yellow because i thought those colors looked pretty together. Lots of folding, twist up with a long green pipe cleaner, trim the edges in any shape you want, spread out the petals and - there you have it - a beautiful colorful flower. Hang it up anywhere. Dust it off occassionally to keep it fresh.