[Hamburger] Image Use on a Page

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This image was just placed on the page with no alignment. So the text goes underneath it.

in and out burgers

This was lunch when my son visited from Colorado. He misses In & Out so we always go there when he visits. He was on a business trip to California with some co-workers and he took them to an In & Out... They loved it.

This image is aligned to the left. Using the align attribute lets the browser know how much space is needed for the image and then the text can fill the space to the right.

in and out burgers

My husband and I go to In & Out once in a while for lunch or dinner. He likes to get the number one on the menu. I always get the grilled cheese animal style. His is always animal style too. Sometimes we get the fries animal style too.

The next hamburger image was aligned to the right, so the text flows up next to it too, but on the left side. Having the text next to your image looks nice. Although we will use CSS to give the images some breathing room further in the examples...

I can add the thumbnail image right in the text so it is part of the flowing content... small picture of burgers Little hamburgers. Yum. It is a great option for a small image, but can look pretty goofy with a big image.