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Summer To Do lists

General Ideas for summer

Possible ways I can learn about the stock market

New tricking moves I want to learn

Fortnite builds I want to learn

  1. 1 by 1
  2. Low ground seige
  3. pushing for high ground
    1. double ramp
    2. single ramp wall
    3. double ramp wall
    4. single ramp floor wall
    5. single ramp under floor ramp wall
  4. edit floors up
  5. defensive building

Big Bear trip ideas

  1. House rental Considerations
    1. Price of rental
    2. days rented for
    3. location
      1. hillside view
      2. sunrise view
      3. lakeside
      4. surrounding neighborhood
      5. trails
  2. Big bear Activities
    1. biking
    2. kayaking
    3. paddleboarding
    4. hiking
    5. walking around town
  3. Where and what to eat in big bear
    1. eat out at restaurants
      1. Grizzly Manor cafe
      2. peppercorn grille
      3. Himalayan restaurant
      4. El jacalito grill
      5. jaspers smokehouse and steaks
    2. Bring our own meals
    3. shop at local supermarkets

Pole vault technical aspects to work on

The running phase
In the running phase I want to build up speed running tall with high knees. I want to be running far enough back that I can hit my maximum speed on my last step
The planting phase
For the plant I want to hit my takeoff stop at 12 feet and push my arms out. I need to stretch my trail leg back and use it as a pendulum in the invert phase
The invert phase
I need to swing my leg aggressively into the crouch position then throw my head back and roll my shoulders bad. I also need to slide my legs straight up the pole
The extension phase
In this last phase I need to be completely inverted so I can push with my triceps and turn my body before I am going over the bar. when I go over the bar I need to pike my legs over it