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Why Moriah shouldn't leave the house for college

So Moriah is my sister and she is leaving to Cal Poly Slo, and I really don't want her to go because she drives me everywhere and helps me with my classes. On the bright side when I go to visit her up at cal poly slo I can go to this really good eatery place called firestone which has the best beef brisket sandwich known to man.

Before she leaves to college she should give me her notes for high school

Senior year might be really hard so if she gives me her notes that could make my life a whole lot easier. I don't mind doing them myself but its nice to have a sort of "reference sheet" to go back to when i'm struggling or need help. Plus, Moriah won't need those notes at college so might as well give them to me.

My dad works at Miracosta too, and I took his class!

My dad is a professor at Miracosta and he teaches drafting programs used in engineering and architecture fields such as autocad.

I took his class design 101 2 summers ago and it was really cool because whenever i had a question i could ask him at home for help. Also if there was an assignment i didn't like i could tell him directly and help him imrove it or clarify it for the next year. This year he redid all the demos and videos and I helped him with it.

my mom works at Ocean Shores High School and helps the teenage parents with their kids

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my mom is an extremely good at caregiving, but she is even better at helping kids apply to colleges and such, so thats why in my humble opinion I thik she should work as the new counselor that El Camino High School is looking for. Even my counselor thinks that she would be great and very suited for the job.

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