A Day in the Life of My Shoe

This project will be done in the perspective of my shoe because it sees all that this world has to offer.
It sees my bed when I wake up to start each day, and it sees the steps that I take to let me dogs outside and to make coffee, traditionally.
Everyday starts basically exactly the same, as mentioned above.
The only differences with my days are when I work compared to when I don't work.
Of course my shoes also see less intersting things like the bathroom, backyard, garage, and the inside of my closet as well.
I do not expect you to be as interested in those things, but my project will include the things that my shoes have seen in the last week or so.
Now by an automatic reflec when I saw the word "pet" in the choices for this project, I automatically picked "PETS!" with excitement.
I love my little dogs and my turtle so I thought, I would love to show them off to my virtual classmates.
Then of course I read the requirements and the description of the assignment and my excitement was gone.
It wasn't literally gone as I was still interested in seeing what I could think of to portray from the point of view of my shoe.
I then asked myself, well which shoe? As I have many, like I'm sure most people do.
Soon after I of course realized "which shoes", did not at all matter for this assignment.
I tend to make everything more complex than it ever really is or than it ever should be.

I gave the assignment much more thought than was more than likely needed, and I had this sudden realization.
I realized that if I chose the perspective of my shoe, that I could definitely include photos of my pets!
This would be lliterally and realistically easy, because they are on the same level of my shoes as it is.
So my shoes see my pets probably more than they see anything else, whether they are on my feet or not.

My shoes probably literally go through more than I do as far as wear and tear.
They are with my every step of the way on this journey called life, and they hit the ground before I do.
I like to think that my shoes are happy being my shoe, as funny as that sounds.
I do not think that I would have even considered this thought, if not for this project.
It has forced me to imagine life in the perspective of my shoe, and how it might see or even think of the world from its ground level view.
Everything must seem so big around it, like the way we people imagine an ant feels when we are around.
The most intriguing part of a pair of shoes, is that they are not the only one.
Now this project has got me comparing a shoes' life to that of the toys in the Toy Story Films.
The world may never know.
What the world will know, however, is what a day in the life of my shoes looks like.
Give or take a few small details as some, but not all of the images used wil be my own.

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