CHAPterr woN "Mysteeryus timeSS"

Man1: "Yo hello wassup man?"

Man2: "Yo good hello dude how are yu homie?"

Man: "Im just chillin in cedar rapids homeslice."

Man2: "Whatcha doin over their?"

Man1: "Over here I am Cruisin on over to the frat party man. You comin?"

Man2: "I guess OKurrrtt but I mite need a plain ticket!!!"

"Ahhhhaahaahahahah" exclaimed no one other than...

...URSELA the sea witch!!1!111!!11!

"my EVIL PLan is uNFOLDING into my oWN ARMs - err - ummmm - tentickles ??"

ChapTIr TOo "Yah?? Well For WUTT!!"

Here I must write a paragraph so this I will do. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear person. Happy birthday to you! Yay congrats! One year older, wow you really did it. I hope this year brings you the best of laughs and happy times. You are a fantastic person. Eat some cake why don't ya!

This year will really be a fab one. I hope you go on to do awesome stuff! Happy birthday again! I hope you love the gift I got you. I saw it at the mall and I just HAD to get it.

Wow would you look at the time. I best be going. Have a nice rest of the night! Thanks for inviting me to this awesome laser tag party - I had a magnificent time!


She broke down and left me again. Made me see where I'd been. You dont know what it means to win. Come round and see me again.


Been down one time. Been down two times. Never going back again. Been down one time. Been down two times. Never going back again.

Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again

This song sticks in my head. The guitar is cute and appealing. It reminds me of pirate music a little bit haha. Shiver me timbers.

This is from their album rumors. The Chain is another recognizable song from this album. Harry Styles covered it and he is cute.

Seriously? Yes seriously!


I cannot believe

you just did