Carefully Curated Handmade Goods

Lemar Lincoln and Whitney Marie, a dynamic duo of designers, have come together to create a timeless line of accessories and goods. Each item being handmade from beginning to end, from carefully selected materials.

About Our Process

Much of our design process involves research. Both market research and research of the materials we will use are crucial to our business.

After researching, the most important step we take is designing. We pay close attention to trends, but we also watch to see which things are here to stay long term.

Last, but absolutely not least, we get out there and talk to people! We like to find out what people are looking for. What is a business without customers? We hold the needs and wants of our customers near and dear to our hearts.

Our Design Space

Picture of modern workspace

Our design space is currently under construction. We plan to give it a sleek, modern upgrade. Having this dedicated space will allow us to stay organized and on task. Here's an example of a room that has inspired our remodel.

The main goal with the work space upgrade is to have a well-organized, functional space. A space that allows us to take photos of our products with a neat background and ample light.

Spring/Summer 2019

The fashion and design world is always a couple steps ahead of the seasons. Right now we are planning our Spring and Summer 2019 (SS19) line.

What to expect for SS19

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