Meet Danbo

Webpage Elements

1) CSS style sheet linked to all pages
2) Internal links on all pages
3) External link on the home page
4) Jump link at the bottom of the home page and this page
5) Links are created using an unordered list
6) Paragraphs formatted using the style sheet on all pages
7) Line height and word spacing applied to all paragraphs
8) Background color placed on Headline 4 used on the home page
9) Headlines 1,2 and 3 formatted with the style sheet used on all pages.
10) Relative positioning used on headlines 1 and 2
11) Floats used on images and lists
12) Google fonts used on all pages
13) Images placed on all pages with a 5px border
14) Background color applied to all pages using the style sheet
15) Div with background image and 5px border used on all pages
16) Line breaks used on this page and the home page
17) IDs and Classes used on all pages to adjust different aspects