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After a few more stretches I generally spend a one and a half hour period chasing my tail on the deck.


Then I hit the lawn and stand guard, making sure to bark at ever thing from:
  1. leaves
  2. rival dogs
  3. strangers (which sometimes turn out to be my own family)
  4. Bugs
  5. Birds
  6. My stupid friend coco from next door
  7. cars
  8. cats
  9. Zoni's
  10. Uhhhh I saw a squirrel once, but it might have been a gopher



    These can sometimes be rather boring times especially in off season days like the fall and winter when street and foot traffic on Highland can be limited. I have been trying to enact a toll here at 3955. I provide an esteemed service here at the gate and am sick and tired of going without. In the hearty words of Little John, "If we don get no tolls, we don eat no rolls."

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