A day in the life of my gardening shoe

Hi! If you are here that means you want to know more about me.

I was designed for gardening. I am made of flexible and soft material, extremely durable, comfortable and washable. And guess what!! The material I am made of has a biocide that helps prevent odor and fungus from growing!
Now let me tell you about a day in my life as a gardening shoe! Usually, most of my days are spent on the patio doormat, sunbathing. Since I was shipped to this household, I have never been anywhere else than the backyard and the garage. I haven't been inside the house itself, except when I was first shipped and my owner tried me on; I got to walk on tile! I have never walked on asphalt and I have never driven. I get to be worn always with the same outfit, which happens to be old and worn out! My fellow shoes think I live a life of a prisonner because I never go out beyond the yard, but I disagree!!

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