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  1. What little type there is in my site is formatted through the style sheets on all pages or in line on the opening tags.

  2. The pipes in between the nav links are h1; the "TOP" links on all Time Pages are h2. There is also h1 and h2 text on this page.

  3. This right here is an ordered list and, the link to the Elements Page from the Home Page is an item of an unordered list.

  4. All the buttons, the home page body text, and the banner from every page are photos. There are photos on every Time Page as well.

  5. There are internal links on every page

  6. There are external links to my blog and portfolio on this page.

  7. There are jump links to the top from the bottom of every Time Page.

  8. Style Sheets are used on every page to define margins, font characteristics, and link behaviors. There are lnline Styles on for the link behaviors of the nav on every page too.