A Day in the Life of Jasper the Dog

3:00 PM

7:00 AM

11:00 AM

3:00 pm

7:00 pm

11:00 pm


Around 3:00 PM I like to hang out with Mary Jane on our fancy bed. We can catch the TV from here, and see whatís happening in the backyard at the same time. Mary Jane is my old lady, and she likes to eat snails. Itís not a snack I prefer, but she loves it. Actually she eats all kinds of strange stuff; I think she may have been a hobo before she moved in with me. Her breath is out of control!


Iím going to straight forward with you guys, Iím blind as a bat. Iím staring in this direction because my radar ears are telling me that there is some action up ahead. Itís cool though because the old man of the house still takes good care of me, and keeps me out of trouble. Most people might give up on a blind dog, but not that dude!

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