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Pritz My name is Pritz. People think I'm a boy, but I am a girl with a mustache. I live with Mommy, Daddy, and a little sister MOMA. Moma and I are both miniature schnauzers. You can visit Mountain High Miniature Schinauzer to learn about mini schnauzers. This link is where I was born. Moma Moma came four years later from Miniature Schnauzer Rescue in Otay, and I am her boss. Moma has an attitude, but I try to be mature because I am the older one. We are totally different from each other. Here is a list of traits comparing us to each other.


  • Personality
    1. bossy
    2. independent
    3. sharing
    4. patient
  • What I like to do
    1. play
    2. play
    3. play
    4. play
    5. eat
  • What I don't like
    1. big sounds
    2. screaming kids
  • What I am good at
    1. chasing balls
    2. hiding


  • Personality
    1. needy
    2. possessive
    3. skitish
    4. obedient (usually)
  • What she likes to do
    1. eat
    2. eat
    3. eat
    4. eat
    5. chasing little animals
  • What she doesn't like
    1. stairs
    2. big dogs
  • What she is good at
    1. finding something eatable
    2. killing squirrels

Now I would like to introduce our daily life. You can click "Morning" and "Afternoon" pages at the top or click times on the clock below.


                       7      6                                           

                  10            2                                  


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