My HTML Elements Page

  1. Text Formatting
    • All Pages.
  2. Two sizes of Headlines
    • h2s are in all pages.
    • h4s are in "introduction" and "about" pages.
  3. Minimum of 2 different types of lists
    • One ul and one ol are in "introduction" page.
    • I am using both here too.
  4. Images
    • All pages.
  5. Links to your internal pages
    • All pages, except index, are linked among them.
  6. Links to some external pages
    • "Introduction" page in the third line of the 1st phragraph.
    • "About" page in the very last line.
  7. Links to different locations on a page
    • All pages, except "About" page, have "Go to Top".
    • "Morning" and "Afternoon" pages have internal likes to each time.
    • I even have links go to deferent locations of different pages. They are the inside of clocks on "Introduction" page.
  8. Use CSS Document and Inline Styles to define page styles, font-families, link colors, background colors. etc.
    • All pages.

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