7 PM...

"It is now 7 PM and I've done so much since 3 PM! I am yawning because I'm starting to feel kind of tired after such a busy day. After that epic nap, I have done the following:
  1. Hung out with the bird
  2. Scratched my ears
  3. Chewed on a rawhide bone
  4. Went outside to pee
  5. Played with my lobster toy
  6. Took another short nap
  7. Short walk
  8. Ate DINNER

Hmmmm... I feel like I'm missing something..." (click here to continue...)

"I've got it! I'll hang out by the screen door and bark at all other dogs that come by! Oh this will be so much fun!! (Click here to find out what happens next...)

"Oh it's nap time again! I would rather sniff around under the table in hopes that my people dropped some crumbs during dinner, but they insist that I take a nap in my crate for a couple of hours. It's nice and cozy in there though and I love to take naps, so it's all good!"

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