HTML Elements
  1. Text Formatting
    • Every page
  2. Two Sizes of Headlines
    • Level 1 Headings on every page but Homepage and HTML Elements page.
    • Level 2 Heading on About Me page
  3. Different Types of Lists
    • Ordered and Unordered list on HTML Elements page
    • Definition list on About Me page
  4. Images
    • Every page
  5. Links to Internal Pages
    • Every page
  6. Links to External Pages
    • Every page (Blog link)
    • Additional link to external page on About Me page.
  7. Links to Different Locations on a Page (Jump Links)
    • About Me page
  8. Email Link
    • About Me page
  9. CSS Document and Inline Styles to define page styles, font-families, link colors, background colors.
    • Every page
  10. Link and Background Colors
    • Every page